Increase Your Dog’s Exercise with This One Simple Hack

When it comes to taking care of your dog, many people wonder about how much exercise and activity their pup should be getting every day. With society’s current focus on healthy daily routines for humans, why not create the perfect routine for your pet as well? Shockingly, more than half of the 90 million dogs […]

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What your dog’s tongue says about their health

Nothing says “love” like getting showered with wet doggie licks. But did you know that your dog’s tongue can reveal health imbalances? Eastern Medicine practitioners have used the proven practice of examining the tongue to help correctly diagnose health issues in people for over 5,000 years. More recently, the practice has expanded to include our furry […]

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Licorice Root for Cats: Uses, Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects, and More

Licorice root may soothe your sore throat, curb your hot flashes and relieve inflammation. But is it safe to have licorice plants, licorice tea, licorice hydrosol, licorice essential oil, or black licorice candy around your cat? Licorice root is safe for most cats in low doses for a short time. We spoke with Melissa M. Brock, a board-certified veterinarian, a full-time veterinarian and an animal welfare expert at Pango Pets. She explained what types of licorice are safest for your cat.


5 Steps to Making Your Fish Tank Dog and Cat Proof

Learn how to protect your fish tank from curious cats and determined dogs! These five tips will prevent accidents and interactions between your dog or cat and your new fish tank. Owning a fish tank and watching its colorful inhabitants swim peacefully back and forth has many advantages. However, it’s not something your dog or […]

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We Need Your Help Ending Needless Euthansia!

It’s so important to me to give every vulnerable animal the chance at life they deserve. That’s why APA!’s No Kill mission is at the heart of everything I do, even at home. When my own pup Echo came to APA! during Hurricane Harvey, she and her brother had distemper, a dangerous virus with symptoms like tremors, lethargy, and fever.

Echo’s brother sadly passed away shortly after arriving at APA!, but
Echo has been by my side ever since. If Echo had stayed much longer in
another city without the resources to give her the round-the-clock care
and mobility support she needed, she might not have grown up into the
talkative companion she is today. Needless euthanasia is still an unfortunate reality for pets like Echo in cities that haven’t adopted No Kill yet.

Without APA!’s experience and passion for saving pets like Echo,
animals with severe illnesses or injuries might have nowhere to turn.
Because of the lifesaving and innovative programs pioneered here
(including for dogs with distemper!), vulnerable pets have a shot at
recovery and the life they deserve. We can only save animals in need and give them the chance to thrive in loving homes because of the support of friends like you!