Helping your dog live a healthier life

Sometimes quality food isn’t enough to help your pet live his healthiest life — the right supplement can make all the difference.
We feed our dogs high quality food and treats. We take them for long walks and let them run in off-leash areas. We buy them toys to keep them stimulated. We give them love and affection and we’re as much their companions as they are ours. Is there anything else we can do to make sure our beloved fur kids are happy and healthy?
It turns out there is a lot more we can do. Some breeds of dogs have a predisposition toward various health issues and we can help circumvent, or at least delay, those issues from becoming a concern in our pets’ lives. Some dogs already have health issues that we can also tackle with the right supplements. With the emphasis on the right supplements.
It’s always important to rely on a company you can trust to help your dog live a healthier life. PointPet is a small, family-owned and operated company, specializing in providing premium quality natural pet supplements.
The company has done its research and made the decision to put their supplements into soft chews instead of pill form, circumventing the wrestling match between pet and pet owner. Nobody likes trying to get their dog to swallow a pill, least of all the dog. PointPet takes the struggle out of creating good health by making treats that just happen to be good for your dog. Don’t tell your dog that, though.
Some of PointPet’s bestselling products are:

Hip & Joint – Pumpkin & Peanut Butter Flavor

Supports healthy joints and flexibility
Promotes cartilage development
Supports collagen and proteoglycans

Probiotics for Dogs

Helps maintain gut flora in the digestive tract
Nourishes natural gut bacteria
Helps support proper digestion

Allergy Plus Calming Formula

Helps maintain normal histamine levels
Supports seasonal allergies
Helps support normal detox
Helps maintain healthy skin
Supports the immune system

Hemp Calming Stress and Anxiety Support

Relieves stress and anxiety
Soothes upset stomach
Promotes relaxation
Behavioral support

Their products are the best combination of science and nature and are made exclusively with the highest quality, natural ingredients. They’re made cruelty-free in USA FDA approved facilities that following strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
If your dog needs a bit of a boost, he’s not going to complain about these supplements!
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