Dogily – supporting the bond between pets and owners through style

Dogily is your one-stop destination for pet owners looking for high quality matching accessories for their pets and themselves.
Having a pet is one of the most fun and rewarding relationships. Although most of our spending goes towards basic needs such as food or vet visits, many pet owners like to invest in other items, such as toys or pet accessories. Pets can be as fashionable as us, but for pet owners looking for high quality pet fashion items for their beloved furry friends, choices are limited. Enter Dogily, a new luxury pet accessory brand that is aiming to revolutionise the pet fashion industry.
High quality and sustainable petwears
Dogily is the world’s first pet owner matching accessory brand that offers exquisite jewelry, scarves, and hair scrunchies that satisfy pups and owners of all preferences.
Concerned about the poor quality of pet accessories in the market, the owners of Dogily chose to debut their collection of scarves using only the softest natural fabric – silk. Soft to the touch, these scarves are weightless, thin, and skin-friendly to ensure that all pets feel comfortable. Dogily values sustainability rather than the popular industry trend of fast fashion. Working closely with manufacturers, the company’s pet and human accessories are handmade using only sustainable materials. Plus, all packaging is made with non-plastic alternatives, another step to prevent more harm to our planet.
Giving back to the community
Giving back and supporting the community is another key value of the Dogily brand. For every order received, Dogily donates $1 USD i=Change, an organization that supports many charitable causes including the World Wildlife Fund, women’s community shelters, and Seabin Smart Tech which removes floating plastics and pollutants from our water.
Dogily design and produce fashionable matching items for humans and their pets to wear together with the goal of creating strong emotional connections without sacrificing style. With sustainability and community at the heart of the company, there are even more reasons to love Dogily. For more information or to get 20% off your order, visit
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