Raw food diet: The benefits to feeding a raw diet to your pet

One of the main benefits pets receive from a natural raw diet is superior health. Pet owners who have made the switch discover how much healthier their pets become. The obvious signs are:

Brighter, Cleaner Teeth – Less chance of plaque buildup, especially if combined with Raw Meaty Bones.
Better Breath – Almost odorless, indicating a healthy start to the digestive process.
Healthy Skin – Indication of immune system health. Healthy immune systems are rarely bothered by parasites.
Better Digestion – Naturally occurring probiotics in a raw food and enzymatic activity keep your pet’s digestive system working properly.
Shiny Coat – Helps decrease shedding.
Less Stool – Dogs utilize more, eliminate less.
Optimal Body Weight – Easily obtained and maintained. Better muscle mass.
Healthier Joints – This is greatly attributed to the natural Essential Fatty Acids as well as the overall pH balance becoming normalized, reducing inflammation. Glucosamine, chondroitin, and collagen are natural components in raw meat and raw meaty bones.

Aside from raw diets providing pets with stronger immune systems protecting against allergies and many diseases, it gives support for the body to maintain a vibrant life with a longer life expectancy.
Quality Assurance with a Raw Diet
Northwest Naturals is one of the original raw pet food companies starting back in 2004. NWN is family-owned and operated company under the strict guidelines of the USDA. Every ingredient is required to be inspected and passed USDA for quality and freshness by a USDA inspector who is on-site for all production runs.
There are three steps Northwest Naturals uses to inactivate pathogens such as Salmonella, E.coli and Listeria. This includes high-pressure cold processing, photocatalytic oxidation in all production rooms and all batches are 3rd party tested. Northwest Naturals’ products cannot leave for distribution until all tests come back clear for any food-borne pathogens.
Northwest Naturals also carefully selects every ingredient for each formula to provide optimal health benefits. Each recipe is high in antioxidants, protein and fat for a quality complete and balanced meal. Northwest Naturals raw frozen and freeze-dried diets and treats represent quality, convenience and value while enhancing your pets’ health.
Discover the benefits of a raw food diet for your pet through a high-quality raw food brand like Northwest Naturals!
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