August 28 is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

It’s heartbreaking to lose a pet. Whether it is the daunting notion that the one who was always there for you no matter what will no longer be there, or the grieving of losing the one with whom you shared the best memories, the pain of loss is real.
Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day on August 28th celebrates our furry friends who have passed before us. Founded by Deborah Barnes in honor of her ragdoll cat, this day is the time to celebrate the love that your past pets brought.
7 Ways to Celebrate Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day
There are many ways to memorialize our furry, feathery, and finned friends, and you should always choose the one that brings you comfort. If you’re looking for ways to pay tribute to your departed pets, or simply want some inspiration to observe it in your way, here are a few ways to memorialize your pets.
1. Scrapbook
This August 28th, convert your creative outlet into something about your pet, such as dedicating a scrapbook to them. Collect all your pet’s pictures, tags, hair clippings, toys, and their favorite pieces of clothing and preserve them forever in this book. Scrapbooks are a wonderful way of sharing memories of your pet with others and can also help you deal with grief whenever you’re sad.
2. Frames
Whether it is your pet’s portrait or memorabilia like a paw print or a nose print, frames are a sentimental recollection of all the memories you have made together. You can also convert collectibles like your pet’s collar or your pet’s favorite toy into beautiful showpieces or frames to keep your pet alive in your memories.
3. Memory box
How about gathering all your pet’s memories in one place? If this piques your interest, put together your pet’s stuff like leash, collar, name tag, clothes, food bowls, toys, etc. in one beautiful box called “the memory box.” Whenever you feel the absence of your pet, you can just open this box and feel your pet’s presence in their belongings.
4. Pet Memorial
Pet memorial is a way of celebrating your pet’s life, just as you would do for another family member. You can plan a pet memorial at your home or your pet’s favorite spot in the park. You and your family can share your favorite memories with each other or make a memorial video by compiling all the unforgettable moments of your pet.
5. Volunteer        
Nothing can fill the void of having your pet close by, but there are so many pets out there who are seeking your love and care. On this Remembrance Day, consider taking some time out for shelter pets. You can simply go there and volunteer in some activities or spend time with pets to give them company. The love that you’ll receive from them will be exactly the same as your pet gave!
6. Another Pet
Your pup or kitty never wanted you to be sad and lonely. The loss of your lovely pet is painful to deal with, but opening your heart again to a pet that is looking for its forever family is a great way to honor your passed pet’s love. This doesn’t mean that anyone who is grieving should be rushed to move on, but whenever you think you are ready, do give another pet a chance to love you.
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7. Nurture a Plant
If you aren’t ready for a new pet yet, you can pay tribute to your pet by planting a tree or plant in their memory. You can do this in your backyard or at your pet’s favorite park as bringing a new life into your home can help you move on. Whenever you’ll water this plant or pass by it, you’ll be reminded of them.
Forever Loved, Never Forgotten!
The experience of losing a pet is excruciating, but the thought that they’re in a better place across the rainbow bridge may comfort you. Always be grateful for the time they spent with you and remember- death ends a life, not a relationship.
So, how are you planning to pay tribute to our four-legged guardian angels? Let us know in the comments.

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