The dangers of dog treats, chews and toys and the safe option

Did you know that according to Bow Wow Labs, there are over 200,000 dog choking incidents each year in the U.S. alone? Unfortunately, the main causes of choking for dogs come from their favorite things in the world — their treats, chews and toys. . . and even owner’s socks, and yes, underwear.
The risk of dog treats, chews and toys 
The Pet Food Manufacturers Association, says that all dog treats, chews, and toys pose a risk in getting stuck or lodged in a dog’s throat causing trauma and choking. Especially, if the dog is a fast or excitable eater because this can lead to the dog not properly chewing its food and gulping it down. This is often amplified when another dog is around trying to steal the treat.
Especially with stick-shaped and bone treats even if a dog is able to swallow and gulp it down, it can still cause trauma to your dog’s throat and intestines. This can become serious especially if the stick or bone treat causes an esophageal or intestinal blockage. If your dog experiences a blockage they need to be taken to the vet right away to get proper medical attention. The issue with sticks and bones, a remnant from days when bones were fed to dogs, is that such shapes as ribs are thin enough to enter the throat area, but the length causes it to lodge in the throat.
So, what’s the answer? You’re not going to stop giving your dog rewards and delicious treats. This means that it is important to always supervise your dog when they are eating a dog treat, chew or playing with a toy. A great alternative is to find a safer dog treat option like Yummy Combs®.
Yummy Combs®: The safe dog treat
What makes Yummy Combs® safer than other dog treats is that the treat uses patented Advanced Safety Technology and is formulated by science.  The revolutionary hexagon shape of Yummy Combs® makes the difference. It is much different than the traditional bone or stick like rod that is prevalent. The hexagon shape is wider than the throat, so it can’t be gulped when fed as directed.
This innovative dental dog treat was developed in conjunction with a board-certified veterinary specialists in dentistry and in nutrition, a biochemist, and doctorate in agriculture to ensure dogs’ safety while dogs are enjoying this delicious treat. The US Patent Office has issued 8 patents on Revolutionary Yummy Combs® which has 3 patented concepts related specific to advanced safety alone.
Yummy Combs® treats are made with a patented thin-wall design and a special ingredient we called Slick’M, both of these speed dissolving. This mitigates the risk of throat and intestinal blockages, all while making it easier for dogs to digest. This is a major safety advancement over traditional ‘stick’ or ‘bone’ shaped treats.
Yummy Combs® treats have also stood the test of time and the team continues to test for safety. Hence, dog owners can feel more confident in giving their dog this delicious and safe treat.
The advanced safety technology, dental care, and high-quality nutrition haven’t gone unnoticed. Yummy Combs® has now been honored with the title of, “World’s Greatest Dog Treat!” having been featured on the award-winning cable TV show, “World’s Greatest! . . .”    #WorldsGreatestTV (episode 323).
Learn more about the Yummy Combs® story and where to find this new, innovative and safe treat.
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