Surprising reasons why you should be giving your dog a probiotic

The history of probiotics can be dated back to 10,000 years ago and they are now one of the most popular supplements used today. It hasn’t been until very recently though that they have become more mainstream in the pet industry. Now people give their dogs probiotics to help them with a whole host of digestive ailments.
Probiotics are obviously marketed for pets’ digestive health, but did you know that probiotics can help your pets with a variety of other issues too? Here are the other surprising reasons why you should be giving your dog probiotics:
Probiotics boost energy 
Have you been noticing your furry friend doesn’t have the same amount of energy they used to have? A great way to boost energy is with a high-quality probiotic. 
How probiotics work is they help your dog digest their food better and this in turn gives them more energy. Probiotics help your pet utilize their micro and macronutrients properly allowing them to get more energy from their food. When dogs have a better working digestive system, they stop feeling so sluggish.
Eases anxiety/depression
Did you know that roughly 90% of your dogs’ serotonin is produced in the gut? If your dog doesn’t have a healthy digestive system, this can lead them to being more susceptible to having anxiety and depression.  
Serotonin is the feel-good happy hormone and it’s extremely important in fighting off mood disorders. That’s why a probiotic supplement can aid in increasing serotonin availability in the gut resulting in a decrease in anxiety and depression. Leaving you with not only a healthier dog but a happier one too!
Helps with stressful events 
Probiotics aren’t only beneficial for everyday anxiety, but they’re also great for if there is a stressful event coming up. Giving your dog probiotics leading up to a big event, like moving or travelling, can help make the experience less stressful for your pet and make the transition to a new environment easier. 
Probiotics help with transitioning to a new food
When switching your dog to a new food, it’s important to do it slowly as to not upset their stomach. Another way to help with the transition is by supplementing with a probiotic, which can soothe their digestive tract while getting used to a new food. 
When it comes to finding the right probiotic, quality matters. That’s why an excellent probiotic to give your dog is Canigest. What sets Canigest apart is that it’s not just a probiotic. It’s actually a complementary feed that comes in a paste containing a:

Probiotic: Re-establishes healthy levels of beneficial bacteria
Prebiotic: Helps to feed the probiotics 
Glutamine: Helps to strengthen and rebuild the gut lining
Kaolin: Eases IBS symptoms and reduces diarrhea
Pectin: Reduces constipation by softening stool 

Canigest is able to help with more than just one digestive issue making it more effective and reliable for any of your pets digestive ailments. 
Learn more about the benefits that probiotics can bring and get Canigest for your dog today!
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