CBD and Canine Anxiety

CBD is a natural remedy for dogs that get stressed and anxious.
Canine anxiety is the animal’s response to fear, apprehension, agitation, or detachment. It is manifested by nervousness, restlessness, and other undesirable behaviors. Anxious behavior is also shown by senior dogs without any external stimuli due to deteriorating cognitive functions.
While anxiety is a common occurrence in dogs, the symptoms exhibited can be a nuisance for the owners. Also, if a dog is experiencing frequent unchecked episodes of anxiety, it may lead to the development of an anxiety disorder. 
The untoward behavioral outcomes of anxiety are not only problematic for the pet owners but also distressing times for an otherwise happy animal. Excessive barking, drooling, panting, house soiling, depression, and other compulsive behaviors born out of anxiety are discomforting. The symptoms exhibited can go as far as aggression, which can be a serious cause of concern. 
Treatment of anxiety
The conventional solutions for handling canine anxiety encompass training, counterconditioning, and medications. The counterconditioning interventions can turn out to be slow processes, which yield results only after considerable effort over a long period of time. As far as medications are concerned, commonly used drugs include SSRIs, antidepressants, and benzodiazepines – which can all induce abnormal appetite. 
Veterinarians should be looking at the option of natural therapies and products that can tackle canine anxiety without having to deal with hassles commonly associated with conventional treatments – and CBD is something that catches the eye. 
The ability of CBD to act on the endocannabinoid receptors located in the peripheral and central nervous system can be utilized to counter canine anxiety naturally and effectively. 
Veterinarians should be looking at CBD as a replacement for prescription drugs in less severe cases of canine anxiety. 
With appropriate doses of CBD, you can avoid any potential side effects and induce lasting calmness. While it can be used episodically, CBD works best when worked into the system over time, typically starting 1-2 weeks leading up to a major stressful event. This means the pet owners will notice a stable animal, not deterred by any stress or fear-invoking events such as fireworks, thunderstorms, or vet visits. 
A significant number of anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD can also help dogs get through separation and aging-related anxiety with relative mental ease. 
Kradle has made things easier for veterinarians when it comes to recommending high-quality CBD products for canine anxiety. 
Kradle: Revolutionary CBD formulas for canine anxiousness and stress
Launched in 2020, Kradle’s mission is to create happier homes for families with pets through superior calming CBD products inspired by nature and backed by science. Passionately dedicated to helping dogs lead happier lives, the Kradle difference is in their proprietary BotaniTek technology. The technology involves combining broad-spectrum CBD with other proven, premium ingredients such as SAMe, GABA, Ashwagandha, and L-Theanine to create exacting natural remedies for every dog and any anxious moment.
Kradle’s NASC-certified products are purpose-built for reducing canine anxiousness and stress, which sets them apart from other pet CBD products available on the market. With their products, Kradle offers a variety of delivery methods to provide the best solution for individual routines and situations. The company has also strived to formulate products that cater to the needs of all breeds and sizes. 
Avoiding canine anxiety means joyful dogs and happy pet owners, and Kradle gives you the option to achieve that naturally. When your dog is happier, you are too!
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