Helping Dogs and Cats with Cancer One Treat at a Time

Cancer is the leading cause of death in senior dogs and cats. The Pet Cancer Foundation is a non-profit organization that’s making pet cancer more manageable and affordable.
The Pet Cancer Foundation aims to improve the life expectancy and quality of life for dogs and cats with cancer. The organization has launched its first giving campaign, Treats for More Tomorrows, to give animal lovers, pet parents, and the general public an opportunity to support pets in need.
Dog and Cat Cancer Statistics
According to the National Cancer Institute’s Center for Cancer Research, cancer is the leading cause of death in senior dogs and cats. Animal healthcare professionals diagnose almost 12 million cases of cancer annually. And when cancer is suspected, pets face limited and often invasive diagnostic options. Treatments include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or immunotherapy.
While a recent survey revealed that 86% of pet parents would pay whatever it takes if their pet needed extensive veterinary care, it can cost thousands of dollars to treat cancer.
“I have watched pet parents experience financial hardship or a lack of resources in navigating a cancer diagnosis with their pet,” said Supipi Duffy, PhD., molecular genetics, The Pet Cancer Foundation Scientific Advisory Board Member.
“The Pet Cancer Foundation knows that pets are family members and our mission is to make pet cancer more manageable and affordable,” said Len Boyko, Founder and CEO, Pet Cancer Foundation.
The Treats for More Tomorrows Initiative Will Raise Crucial Funds
The Pet Cancer Foundation’s main goals are to:

Expand research opportunities
Improve treatment options
Elevate community support for pet families
Find ways to diagnose pet cancers earlier
Evaluate species-specific treatment options
Improve palliative care options

The Treats for More Tomorrows initiative will raise funds to help the Pet Cancer Foundation carry out this critical work.
“Pets are diagnosed with cancer at an alarming rate, but very little funding finds its way to feline and canine cancer,” said Boyko.
Next year, the Pet Cancer Foundation seeks to invest $2.5 million in research to find cancer earlier in pets, $1 million to research pet-specific cancer treatment options, and $1 million to provide veterinarians with better information to improve the cancer care that pets receive.
More Tomorrows treat boxes are available to purchase on The Pet Cancer Foundation’s website. Orders will be shipped to recipients in early 2023.
The boxes contain dog-friendly human treats made with organic ingredients and oven-roasted in an FDA-approved bakery. Moreover, you can personalize your treats by selecting from a variety of flavors.
About The Pet Cancer Foundation
The Pet Cancer Foundation launched in North America in 2022 to support pets with cancer and their families and to make the disease more manageable and affordable. The Pet Cancer Foundation volunteer leadership team is comprised of experts who are passionately committed to building a better future for pets who develop cancer and the families who love them.
Support pets in need by purchasing a treat box, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more information.
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