Are Your Scenting Products Safe for Your Four-Legged Family?

Do you love your fur babies and want your home to smell great? A lot of fragrance products have ingredients that aren’t pet-safe, but Aroma Retail understands the struggle and has a variety of home and business scenting products that’ll please your nose and keep your animals safe.
Animals bring joy and happiness and make spaces feel like home, but they also bring along dirt and odors that can make your house smell. Any space that animal companions call home can benefit from safe and effective scenting solutions to address problematic odors. This includes pet-friendly spaces like homes and pet stores.
Four-Legged Friends Can Make Your Space Stink, but Not All Solutions Are Pet-Friendly
It’s a fact of pet parent life: dogs, cats, and other animals can make your home smell. Litterboxes, accidents on the floor or carpet, old treats forgotten under the couch, sweat from paws, stinky substances brought in from outside—all of these can leave your home wanting for a fresh, clean smell.
Lots of pet guardians turn to low-quality sprays and synthetic fragrance products to cover up malodors, but these products can contain potentially unsafe or toxic ingredients, such as phthalates, volatile organic compounds, and allergens.
Cristina Reding, owner and president of Aroma Retail, says “It is critical to select scenting products that effectively address unpleasant odors without risking the health and safety of humans and their furry friends.”
Pet parents who want to refresh their home can look for fragrance products or ingredients that comply with standards from:

Environmental Protection Agency
California Air Resources Board
International Fragrance Association
California Proposition 65

For additional confidence, select a certified Green Business, such as Aroma Retail, knowing that each dollar spent contributes to processes that create safer products for the environment.
What Is a Good Pet Scent for the Home or Office?
There are plenty of pet-safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic products that can freshen the air at home or work. The key is to look for a deodorizer that eliminates pet smells from carpets and furniture. Once the malodors are overpowered, you can also add fresh new fragrances that two- and four-legged creatures will enjoy, such as citrus, eucalyptus, and lavender.
Effective fragrance solutions harness the power of organic, plant-based compounds of the essential oils. Here are some options that can help deliver delightful and safe fragrances to your home or workplace:

Oil diffusing Scent Machines
Linen sprays
Wax melts
Room sprays
Scented candles
Reed diffusers
Fragrance oils

When choosing scenting solutions for the home or business, consult experts to find the perfect pet-safe solution for specific spaces and needs. The right scent will match your desired mood and ambience. There are affordable and high-quality options to make your place smell wonderful.
Visit Aroma Retail to find the ideal scent for your pet-friendly space today.
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