Is your Lawn Care company using pet-friendly products?

As pet owners, we are always looking to reduce the toxic chemicals in our homes by buying pet-friendly cleaners and household products, but have you ever thought about the toxic chemicals that are on your lawn?
Most lawn care companies are focused on how your lawn looks not on how the products they use are affecting your pets. Unfortunately for this, they don’t take into consideration how toxic the chemicals they are using are for you and your pet. 
Here are just some of the harmful effects pesticides can have on your pet, according to Angi:

Rapid heart rate
Excessive urination
Excessive drooling
Canine malignant lymphoma

Pesticide usage around your pet can have dangerous, long-lasting and irreversible effects. Before you allow your lawn care company to spray your grass with pesticides, ask them if what they use is pet-friendly. The likelihood is that they aren’t using pet-safe pesticides because there’s only a small percentage of pesticides that are 100% safe for pets. 
Some of the chemicals you want to watch out for in pesticides are ​​Malathion, Acephate, Parathion, Chlorpyrifos, Terbufos, Diazinon, Carbofuran, Disulfoton, Methomyl, Fonofos and Metaldehyde. 
Disclaimer: If you believe your pet has been exposed to toxic lawn chemicals and is showing signs of pesticide poisoning please take your pet to the vet right away as this can become fatal. 
The #1 Solution to Pet-Friendly Lawn Care
Are you wanting to have your lawn taken care of without any risks to your pet’s health? Start using a lawn care company that is pet-friendly like NaturaLawn. 
NaturaLawn puts the health of your soil and all the creatures big and small first, so there isn’t more unnecessary pollution being added to our already chemical-filled world. NaturaLawn promotes a healthy ecosystem that supports a beautiful lawn, so you can love how your lawn looks and how it isn’t harmful to your favorite furry friend too!
NaturaLawn invented an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system that reduced weed and insect control usage on lawns by over 85%!
Here’s how:

NaturaLawn’s system focuses on preserving the natural enemies of our turf pests.
Introduces newly developed turf varieties with natural pest resistance.
And provides continuing customer education on the proper cultural practices of mowing and watering. 

NaturaLawn is here to help make your lawn dreams come true without harming the planet or your pets!
Get safer lawn care for you, your pet and the environment naturally, with NaturaLawn!
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