Why you should feed your pet freeze-dried raw treats!

Freeze-dried raw pet treats rate high in convenience, palatability and nutritional worth. They make a great addition to your pet’s diet and don’t contain the unhealthy ingredients that regular pet treats have.
Why feed your pets raw treats?
The idea of feeding raw in general is to add the benefits that cooked food cannot provide. Raw food is higher in nutritional value because when you cook food, some of the nutrients are destroyed in the process. That’s why it’s important to not only give your pets meals that are raw but also adding treats that are raw can help boost their diet too!
Treats also supply more nutrition for a pet who may not be consuming enough calories or might not be feeling well. Choosing healthy treats becomes even more important when a dog is missing key elements in their daily nutrition.
Great for training
Food is a strong inspiration for many pets and can be a huge help when you’re training. This is because treats reinforce that what a dog or cat is doing is a good thing, therefore increasing the chance of them repeating the behavior. Treats can also provide mental stimulation through treat mats, stuffed toys or games by getting the jaw and brain moving. When a pet is not bored it gives them a satisfying feeling and promotes serenity and calmness.
This is why you should lean towards healthy pet treats so that your food-driven pet can reap the benefits that treats have to offer. Raw treats provide essential enzymes and amino acids other treats cannot. It also means less processing and avoiding fillers as well as preservatives altogether.
The best freeze-dried treats
Northwest Naturals prides itself on having the highest-quality freeze-dried treats for both dogs and cats. With a wide selection of single-ingredient treats that come in 14 different flavors there’s something for every pet to love!
One-component treats make it easy to choose a protein your pets will enjoy giving them the added value of brighter teeth, better breath, better digestion, a shinier coat, smaller stools, improved body weight and healthier joints for your beloved best friend.
With Northwest Naturals being made in their own USDA facility, you can be assured your pet is receiving the highest quality meat that is inspected and passed USDA certified every single time. Northwest Naturals is a treat you can always feel good about giving your pet!
Improve your pet’s diet through healthy treats and start giving them Northwest Naturals!

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