Wild Alaska Salmon Oil Formula and your dog — How to determine quality

Incorporating high-quality salmon oil into your diet can give you so many benefits and your pup deserves those same benefits! Salmon oil can help support your dog’s brain, skin and coat health making it a fantastic supplement to treat your pet with.
Salmon Oil is one of the most popular types of fish oil you can give your dog, but often it can be hard to distinguish between a good quality salmon oil over a low quality one — and quality makes all the difference.
In this article, we will go over how to choose the right supplement made with salmon oil so your dog can get all the benefits!
High-quality Salmon Oil: what to look for
The first thing you’ll want to figure out, when checking to see if a product is going to be worthwhile for your dog, is to look at the fish that’s being used. When choosing a fish oil supplement, the best fish oil is made from wild caught salmon.
Wild-caught salmon is a better choice for your dog because the fish was caught from its natural environment where it could eat a rich diet filled with all of the nutrients they need. On the flip-side, farm-raised salmon are fed pellets and are kept in large nets, which results in salmon that have elevated levels of saturated fat making it less healthy than wild-caught. The highest quality salmon is caught from the Pacific Ocean and even better if it’s from the pristine waters of Alaska.
It’s also important to pick a company that uses sustainable fishing practices for the betterment of the fish and our oceans. Companies that fish responsibly care about the future of our waters and future generations health and well-being.
What Alaska Naturals® Offers
Now, you may be asking yourself, how can I find a product that uses wild-caught salmon, is minimally processed, uses sustainable fishing practices and is meant for dogs? It sounds like it would be difficult to find the right product for your dog, but it’s not! Alaska Naturals® Wild Alaska Salmon Oil Formula Food Topper for Dogs has everything a fish oil supplement needs!
Alaska Naturals® only uses sustainably caught fish and our dog food toppers naturally contain EPA and DHA, which helps to support your dog’s cognitive health, nourish their skin and support a healthy, shiny coat.
Alaska Naturals® Salmon Oil Formula dog food toppers are made with simple ingredients and dogs love the natural fish flavor!
Learn more about Alaska Naturals® Dog Food toppers and experience the benefits that a high-quality fish oil supplement can give to your dog!

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