Dogily Is Setting New Trends in Luxury Canine Fashion

Our dogs are family, so we want to give them the best in life. Canine fashion is a major part of that, and one company is leveling up in a big way to help you and your dog look — and feel awesome! The first matching dog and human accessories brand that doesn’t compromise on style, Dogily is on a mission to provide fashionably elevated premium silk pet accessories that are both comfortable and timeless — and that allow you and your dog to step out in elegance every time you go for a walk together.
“As dog lovers, we were tired of seeing the same cheap, lower-end fashion pet accessories that didn’t make us or our dogs look or feel good,” says Cindy Lee, Dogily’s Director of Marketing. “We want to empower people to view pet accessories differently, as something that can be high quality and stylish.”
Made from Natural Silk
From its inception, Dogily has focused on creating chic, high quality matching scarf sets so you and your dog can become the most stylish duo on the block. The company also puts a lot of emphasis on comfort, so that consumers — both human and canine — will adore wearing their scarves. Most dog apparel brands use thick, rough, synthetic textiles that can be abrasive and uncomfortable, but Dogily uses only silk, a soft and luxurious natural fabric that’s not only durable but also easy on the skin.
Earth-Friendly as Well as Stylish
Dogily also takes pride in being a sustainable company, and uses only eco-friendly materials in their production process to reduce waste and pollution. Their packaging is made with non-plastic materials, and even the scarves themselves are good for Mother Nature, because silk is a natural fabric that doesn’t shed microplastics when put in the wash.
The company aims to make a further impact on society and the world by partnering with i=Change and donating $1 of every sale to projects that help animals, women and the environment.
Scarves for Every Occasion
Dogily’s collection features three elegant designs that come in a hair scarf and scrunchie for you, and a matching square scarf for your dog. These unique patterns were created by the company’s in-house designers after months of research and drafting:

Collins: Dogily’s best-selling signature print was inspired by 1970s plaid fashion. Its criss-cross geometric design gives you and your dog a timeless way to either dress up or down.
Tyra: Featuring a striking leopard print, this design has a wild side while also looking elegant.
Serene: This two-toned diagonal stripe design is a simple color combination that offers endless styling options.

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