Help for Cancer Patients and Their Pets

Every year, millions of people are diagnosed with cancer. Learning that you have this dreaded disease is life-changing, and patients who share their lives with dogs or cats often find themselves having difficulty caring for their animals while they’re ill and undergoing treatment. Sadly, many of these dogs and cats are at risk of being surrendered to shelters because their guardians can no longer look after them. The good news is there’s help for cancer patients who need assistance caring for their animal companions, thanks to the CancerCare® Pet Assistance & Wellness (PAW) Program.
This unique new program introduced by CancerCare, a non-profit organization founded in 1944, provides financial assistance, educational resources and emotional support to animal parents with cancer, helping them to care for and keep their dogs and cats at home. This is especially important for elderly, low income, or uninsured patients, and those who live alone — all of whom are most at risk of having to give up their animals after a cancer diagnosis.
Research has shown that animal companions are good for our health and well-being, both physically and mentally — and cancer patients are among those most in need of these benefits. According to the PAW Program, giving cancer patients the means to keep their dogs and cats at home is important for multiple reasons:

Gives patients the motivation to get better
Distracts from stress, anxiety and pain
Lessens loneliness and increases socialization
Helps improve fatigue
Releases healing “feel good” hormones
Helps keep animals out of shelters

To learn more about the PAW Program, visit CancerCare.
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