Saved by the Dog! A Podcast About Life-Saving Rescue Dogs

Laura Thomas wants everyone to know that rescue dogs transform lives and sometimes even save them! Her podcast, Rescued by a Dog, showcases the bravery and dedication of rescue dogs who have actually saved the lives of their pet parents.
You’ve heard about rescue dogs, but what about rescue humans?! One passionate animal lover is on a mission to change people’s minds about these misunderstood creatures (the pups, not the people!) with a podcast. Rescued by a Dog features heartwarming stories of rescue dogs who rescued their humans from life-threatening situations, including house fires, falling off a cliff, and coming face to face with a rattlesnake!
Incredible Stories About People Being Rescued by a Dog
Capone is a 25-pound Miniature Pinscher Chihuahua mix. He saved his entire family: 9 children, his mom and dad, and his puppy sibling. A small kitchen fire started up at night, and Capone alerted his mom. She was able to get everybody up and out of the house before it blazed out of control.
Honey is a Cocker Spaniel, and she was just six months old when she saved her dad, Michael, after his car crashed into a ravine. Honey escaped the car and ran to the neighbor’s house to get help, alerting them to the vehicle’s whereabouts.
Mr. Jones is a 70-pound American Bulldog who saved his mom from a rattlesnake bite. When out in the fields on her farm, Maddie stepped over the snake. It lunged to bite her, but Mr. Jones sprang into action. He grabbed the snake in his mouth and ran away with it so it couldn’t hurt his mom.
These are a few of the amazing tales (or should we say tails!) that you can hear on Rescued by a Dog. The show is in its third season, and people all over the country love it! Listenership is growing with each season. In fact, when the show finished its second season, it was the number 2 podcast in America in the pets and animals category.
The Mastermind Behind the Podcast
Laura Thomas is the producer and host of Rescued by a Dog. She’s an animal welfare professional and author of Not Just a Dog. Over the years, she has worked on documentaries about animals and managed an animal shelter. She believes that dogs are a gift to humankind. But she also knows that a lot of people are reluctant to adopt shelter dogs because of the potential for behavioral and other problems. Through her podcast, she hopes to foster empathy for rescue dogs and encourage more people to consider adoption.
Tune in to hear more stories about rescue dogs coming to the rescue!
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