Training Tips for Keeping Your Dog off the Couch

Dogs love cuddling with you. However, not all pet parents want their pups on the furniture. A dog on the couch can damage the fabric, make the couch stinky, and make it impossible for you to get comfortable. These training tips will help you keep your dog off the couch and keep your furniture in good shape.
Why Dogs Jump on Couches
Dogs naturally feel they can jump on a couch and take possession of the area. There are several reasons why dogs help themselves to couches, including that they:

Want to be close to you
Like laying in a spot where your scent is
Enjoy rolling to scratch their backs between cushions
Have fun playing with and destroying pillows

5 Tips to Keep Your Dog off the Couch
1. No Couch Time From the Start
The best time to teach your dog not to jump on the furniture is when your pup enters the house for the first time. Make rules before adopting your new fur buddy and be ready to teach those instructions when your puppy comes home. This helps to set boundaries for your dog, and you won’t have to retrain them later.
When your dog sees you sitting on the couch, they’ll eventually want to join you. Saying “No” immediately will show your dog they don’t belong on the furniture. Be consistent with the rule so your dog learns the couch is only for humans.
2. Give Your Dog Their Own Place
Make a special area in the house for your dog. When you’re on the couch, tell your dog to go to their bed. Your dog will learn their spot is safe and comfortable and start to go there naturally. If you have to leave home, put your pup in another area or crate to keep your dog off the couch when you’re not there.
3. Model Where Your Dog Goes
When your dog sees you going to sit on the couch, they’ll follow you. However, if you get up and remind your dog where their special spot is, they’ll follow you there and stay. Keep the routine of showing your dog where to sit when you want couch time, and they’ll learn that the couch is off limits.
4. Train Your Dog
Teaching your dog simple commands, such as “Sit,” “Down,” “Bed,” and “No,” is an excellent way to train them to stay off the couch and other furniture. Provide your dog with positive reinforcement when they respond with the correct behavior. Treats and praise are great motivators to keep your dog off the couch and in their special spot.
5. Hire a Professional
If you need help training your dog, call a professional trainer. You can opt for in-home lessons, group sessions, or board-and-train programs. These will give you a jump start on your dog’s training needs and help you with behavioral changes. Find a dog training method that uses positive reinforcement to teach your fur buddy the commands and behaviors that’ll keep your pooch on the floor and off the furniture.
Start Training to Keep Your Dog off the Couch
Keep your couch clean and spacious when you use these tips to train your dog to stay off the furniture. Start teaching your dog today with a comfortable doggie bed, simple commands, and in-home lessons.
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