5 Ways to Get a New Rescue on the Path to Lifelong Wellness

Animal shelters across the country will waive adoption fees and offer other incentives to help find forever homes for as many dogs and cats as possible during Clear the Shelters. These five tips will help you welcome your new fur baby into your home and get them on the road to lifelong wellness!
Animal rescues and shelters aim to find loving forever homes for dogs, cats, and other animals, but their jobs aren’t usually easy. Clear the Shelters is a pet adoption initiative created to help rehome animals in need, and hundreds of animal welfare organizations across the country will be participating in August. But there’s always a transition period when you adopt an animal from a shelter. These five tips from Standard Process and WholisticMatters will help your new fur baby feel at home in your family and get them on the road to lifelong wellness!
1. Shower Them with Treats!  
Treats are a great way to get your new fur friend to feel more comfortable in their new surroundings. They can help to ease stress and help to build a bond between you right away. And they’re also great for rewarding good behavior so your new friend starts learning what’s expected of them!
2. Get Them into the Bath
One of the most important things to do when you adopt a rescue animal is to create a relationship. Touch is another great way to do that. Therefore, grooming/bathing your new four-legged family member can help you achieve many things: foster your growing bond, give them a calming massage, help them feel better, and make them look and smell better!
3. Start Socializing
Socialization helps dogs and cats be confident and happy when they encounter new people, new situations, new noises, and new experiences. This kind of confidence is important for their lifelong wellness on an emotional/behavioral level. Start slowly by introducing them to your family, then friends, and then other furry companions. Give your rescue plenty of opportunities to meet new people and experience new things.
4. Go to the Veterinarian
Most animals that go through the shelter system see a veterinarian, but there may still be a lot of unknowns in their health history. As such, you’ll want to take them to the vet shortly after adoption for a thorough checkup. The vet will ensure your fur baby is up to date with shots, check for potential problems, and talk to you about promoting lifelong wellness with diet, exercise, and stimulation.
5. Get Them on a Healthy Diet (Maybe) with Supplements
Your dog or cat will need a high-quality, balanced diet that’s appropriate for their breed, age, and lifestyle to keep them healthy and energetic. Depending on their needs, they may also benefit from dietary supplements. That could include supplements for specific issues or a whole-body supplement that benefits multiple systems. Talk to your veterinarian about what your pooch or kitty might need to support their growth, development, maintenance, aging, and lifelong wellness.
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