Unleash Your Dog’s Vitality: The Case for Daily Dog Supplements

In an ideal world, your pooch is getting all the vitamins and minerals he or she needs through their food. Newsflash: we don’t live in an ideal world. Your pup may be missing out on essential nutrients for good health, courtesy of hindrances like environmental pollution, processed food, and pup-pickiness. Enter dog supplements.
As humans, we are taught – from as young as we can remember – to eat well, drink lots of water, and exercise regularly if we want to grow up big, strong, and healthy. On top of this, some of your earliest memories are likely of your mom telling you to “eat your vitamins.” Now, as a grown up, you have a drawer full of nutritional supplements you take every day to live your best, healthiest life. What’s more, you find yourself spouting the exact same health advice as your mother to your own family and friends.
But what about your furry best friend?
There too, pup parents are increasingly embracing the addition of daily health supplements to their dogs’ diets. According to a report by Packaged Facts, a third of all U.S. pet-loving households already use supplements for their dogs. Which begs these questions:

Are you one of them?
If not, should you be adding a daily dog supplement to your pup’s bowl?
If yes, which supplement comes out top dog when it comes to giving your pooch their very best shot at long-term health and vitality?

Reasons Your Dog Might Benefit from a Canine Supplement
According to an American Pet Products Association June 2021 statistics report the most popular choices for dog supplements include:

joint supplements
omega-3 supplements

Other reasons your dog might benefit from a supplement include, but are not limited to:
Age-related nutritional needs
As a dog ages, their body may require additional support to address aging, creaking joints, changing nutritional needs, and overall health.
Joint health
Supplements that contain glucosamine and chondroitin can help maintain joint health and provide support for a dog with arthritis or joint stiffness.
Skin and coat health
Omega-3 fatty acids in supplement form can improve skin condition, reduce itching, and enhance the shine of your dog’s coat.
Immune function support
Immuno-supportive supplements can strengthen your dog’s immune function, helping it fight off illness and infection.
Digestive health
A probiotic supplement can aid in digestion and promote a healthy gut; this is especially beneficial for a dog with a sensitive stomach.
Stress and anxiety relief
Calming supplements with ingredients like chamomile and L-theanine can help a dog with separation anxiety and stress.
The best place to start, though? Much like humans, you cannot go wrong adding a good multi-vitamin/mineral formula to your dog’s diet.
Your Dog Health Starter Kit
By giving your dog a quality multi-vitamin/mineral supplement early on in life – certainly before they become old or ill – you can enhance the quality and length of your pooch’s life and optimize vitality from the get-go and for the long term.
Consider ThorneVET’s Canine Basic Nutrients. Intended for use in all phases of a dog’s life, this multi-tasking, vet-formulated powerhouse provides a broad range of nutrients to meet your dog’s daily nutritional support needs. Available as a soft chew or in a scoopable powder format, Canine Basic Nutrients includes these ingredients in their most absorbable, active, and tissue-ready forms:

Vitamins B2, B6, B12

All this to say: supplements aren’t just for humans. Chosen wisely, the right dog supplement can make all the difference to your dog’s overall health, vitality, zest for life, and longevity. Sounds like a no-barker to us!

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