3 Big Benefits of CBD Oil for Senior Dogs

If you’ve ever had the honor of being a pet parent to a senior dog you’ll know that elderly pooches are a lot like fine wine. They get better with age. Their muzzles may be whiter, their joints may be creakier, but their love and unfailing sixth sense of when to give you comfort when you need it most is infallible. But creak their joints do. And all too often we see our aging pups in pain, confused, or unable to live life comfortably. Fortunately, there are ways to improve their lives and longevity. Case in point: CBD oil for senior dogs.
The benefits of CBD oil for senior dogs are increasingly reported within holistic veterinary practice. What’s more, formal studies related to the use of CBD for various canine health issues have greatly increased in recent years. One such Cornell study showed that CBD helped with pain management in many dogs. More than 80% of the dogs with osteoarthritis – wear and tear on the joints caused by aging – experienced a decrease in pain, allowing them to be more comfortable and active.
Knowing this, you may be wondering if your own senior pup might benefit from introducing a trusted CBD oil – like Orso Farms’ That’ll Do Pet CBD Tincture – into their daily routine. Wonder no more: here are three documented benefits of CBD oil for senior dogs.
Relieve Joint Pain and Improve Mobility
They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you better believe that once their aching joints are soothed, they’ll show you exactly how impressive their old tricks still are!
For senior dogs, effective pain management is key to maintaining quality of life. Whether the source of that pain is caused by osteoarthritis, injury, hip dysplasia, or some other chronic progressive disease, the cannabinoid in CBD has been shown to help. By increasing the chemical anandamide in your pet’s body, CBD works to reduce sensations of pain in the brain.
CBD also works to reduce inflammation and associated pain in the body. Once pain is reduced, mobility improves.
Relieve Anxiety
A lot of elderly dogs show increased signs of stress and anxiety. Common triggers may include separation from their humans, loud noises, changes in setting, or even confusion brought on by canine cognitive dysfunction (the pooch version of Alzheimers). Here too CBD can improve your old dog’s quality of life.
According to a Permanent Journal study, CBD helps to reduce stress and anxiety in dogs and improve their mood. Orso Farms’ own research ratifies these findings. A focus group of working dogs and retired working dogs training on the Orso Farms ranch report a sense of peace, calmness and contentment when using That’ll Do CBD oil. The signs of improved physical comfort and increased agility were also undeniable.
Increase Appetite
It goes without saying that good nutrition is essential for a healthy aging dog. But aging, and many of the common illnesses associated therewith, can cause your poor pup to lose their appetite. When they can’t eat, they can’t get the fuel they need to enjoy life or fight back against that which ails them.
CBD oil works to counter this effect by triggering the sensation of hunger and damping down nausea. This, in turn, allows your dog to eat comfortably, even with gusto, thereby absorbing the nutrients they need to stay strong and healthy.
Given all this, it would seem that CBD oil is something of an elixir of youth for senior dogs. It is important to remember, however, that not all CBD oils will deliver on these lofty promises. Finding the right CBD oil, from a trusted source, is key… and only That’ll Do.

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