Treat your Pup the Right Way: Training & Pampering

If you are planning to bring home a new puppy then, your lifestyle needs to be upgraded to one that is puppy-friendly. Prepare your home in a way that your furry friend feels safe and secured. Pamper them like a kid and treat them with good food and treats. Also, train your pup in the right way so that they learn quickly and easily. Here are a few tips on how you can pamper and train your puppy in the right way.


  1. Make your home puppy-friendly: The first step to pampering your puppy is to make their surroundings safe, secure and comfortable. Keep all the electrical cords, sharp objects and other easily accessible items away from your pup’s reach. Prepare your home with a puppy bed, treats and toys to make them feel comfortable and ecstatic in their new space.


  1. Give your pup a distinct name: When naming your puppy, choose a name that sounds distinct and won’t be confused with regular speech. Use the name whenever you address them or give them a command so they get used to that sound and start to identify with it. Soon they will respond when you call them.


  1. Pamper them with toys and treats: One of the best ways to pamper your furball is by providing them with toys and treats. Certain types of toys are great in their early days of development like teething toys. Reward them with treats whenever they obey a command and substitute some treats with dental care products for easy oral hygiene. Don’t overdo it though, you don’t want to surpass their caloric intake or get them begging for constant treats.


  1. Basic puppy training & socialization: Training your puppy the right way can be a challenging task but starting right from the beginning is essential to forming good habits for you and your pup. Use pee pads to help with potty training. Show them where to go by giving gentle commands and rewarding them with treats whenever they respond correctly. Leash training is equally important and will help them know basic commands like sit, stand, run, stop. Socialize them by letting them meet other puppies, your friends, and relatives. Train your puppy about teething, what to chew and what not; this will make them a friendly pet.

Why is breed-specific dog food better?

If you are the owner of a purebred, then you would probably be looking for the best diet for your
four-legged friend. From German Shepherd to Labrador, every species is unique in its way.
When feeding a breed-specific dog, you need to consider your dog’s different genetic traits and
nutritional needs to know the most appropriate diet. To fulfill the unique dietary requirements of
these dogs, feeding them the right food can help them live a healthy and happy life. To provide
your purebred with optimal nutrition, choose a breed-specific food that meets the particular
requirements of your furry friend.
For instance, German Shepherds are prone to digestive problems, Dalmatians get urinary
stones, and Golden Retrievers are prone to skin problems. Many of these ailments can be
easily treated as a part of their diet by feeding them the proper nutrients. So, it is rightly said that
providing breed-specific nutrition to your puppy will have more significant health benefits.

Benefits of Breed-specific dog food:

  • Shiny coat: Each purebred has a unique skin in texture and color. Breed-specific food helps maintain the shine and softness of your dog’s coat by catering to its need.
  • Better digestion: Certain breeds have a sensitive digestive system. For example, a German shepherd needs care for its digestive health. Giving them food that is exclusively made for them will help in improving their digestion.
  • Suitable for fast eaters: Some breeds like Labrador and Siamese chew down their food at a breakneck pace, leading to digestive problems. Feeding them larger kibble sizes helps slow down the chewing speed, thus improving their digestive health.
  • Healthy skin: From sensitive to wrinkled skin, every breed has a different skin that acts as a barrier to keep them protected. Breed-specific dog food contains specific nutrients that support that particular skin type, keeping it healthy.
  • Kibble shape: One of the most vital benefits of feeding breed-specific food to your dog is kibble size. Different breeds have unique jaw structures and eating behaviors. Therefore, the kibble size, texture, and shape cater to other species & biting patterns and jaw structures. For example, Small breed dogs require kibbles in a small size, while doughnut-shaped kibbles are suitable for large breed dogs like Labrador retrievers.
  • Promotes overall health: Breed-specific food contains ingredients specific to a particular breed that help aid the health issues of that breed to bring out their unique
    best. For example, food designed for large breed dogs usually has ingredients that support healthy joints, weight management, and healthy teeth.

Importance of Kibble Shape for Dogs:

It’s essential to feed your dog kibble shape. Small-shaped kibbles are suitable for small breed dogs and pets with brachycephalic jaws. For example, Dachshunds have dental genetic problems, so feeding them food with dental benefits and specific kibble size helps them with their genetic disorders.

Why choose IAMS tailored nutrition for your pets?

IAMS is driven to create pet-specific nutritional solutions tailored across life stage/pet sizes with
visible results. IAMS products are designed to ensure that each pet is at its unique best every
day. IAMS dog food is enriched with ingredients like DHA & Omega 3 fatty acids that help in
healthy cognition & trainability, L-carnitine for weight management in large breed adult dogs,
beet pulp & FOS for healthy digestion in small & medium breed adult dogs, omega-six fatty
acids for healthy joints in puppies and adult dogs, low ash protein & egg dry for strong muscles
in puppies, STPP for healthy teeth in adult dogs and fish oil for healthy skin & coat in adult dogs.
Not just different breeds, but dogs need extra food at various stages of life. For example,
puppies are more susceptible to diseases and need more energy as they grow fast, for which
they require highly digestible proteins & energy-dense food. They also need 3 x more Vit E than
adult dogs each day. In addition, IAMS food contains enhanced DHA for puppies that improve
their trainability performance.

Why choose IAMS's tailored nutrition for your pets?

Choose IAMS goodness for your pooch:

  1. Recommended by US veterinarians
  2. IAMS is a global brand
  3. Premium tailored recipes for pets
  4. Backed by the expertise of the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition

IAMS Unique Recipes Tailored to Meet Unique Requirements of Different Breeds:

  • German Shepherd: German Shepherd breed is prone to digestive issues; hence IAMS breed-specific food specially designed for the German Shepherd breed contains a blend of beet pulp and prebiotics (FOS) that support healthy digestion, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate for healthy joints, omega 6 and 3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, calcium, magnesium, and other minerals and vitamins to support a healthy heart. Natural antioxidants, including vitamin E, support natural defense.
  • Golden Retriever: Golden Retriever breed is more prone to skin problems hence IAMS dog food for Golden Retrievers contains omega 6 and 3 fatty acids to keep their skin and coat healthy. It also contains L-Carnitine for healthy weight management. It also has kibbles with STPP for healthy teeth.
  • Pug: IAMS food for Pug contains a blend of beet pulp and prebiotics (FOS) for healthy digestion, L-carnitine for healthy metabolism, omega 6 and 3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, kibbles with STPP for healthy teeth, and antioxidants including vitamin E to support the natural defense.

IAMS breed-specific dog food contains all the right ingredients and nutrients tailored to meet the unique needs of different dogs. That’s why veterinarians recommend IAMSTM. If you own a purebred, you need to understand your dog’s nutritional needs and feed them with breed-specific nutrition to bring out their best.

Coronovirus in Dogs and pets and their symptoms

The reports from reliable organizations have cleared the questions haunting the worried pet parents- can animals spread Coronavirus- especially dogs and cats? Does the pandemic mean they have to part from their pets? No, it doesn’t- mostly. Extensive researches and experiments were conducted by several organizations in different parts of the world. Many of them concur in the matter that the virus isn’t a threat to pet animals for now. While there are different opinions on the matter, and there have been cases of proven infection cases in a few animals, so far no such conclusive mutation has taken place or detected in which Coronavirus has jumped species. Such mutations don’t happen that easily either.

Does it mean you don’t need to worry about your pets? Well, you do- a bit; there is no harm in being a bit alert. While it is pretty much a big relief that pets are relatively safe from the dangerous effects of Corona, there still are conditions or situations that can put not just your pets, but you and your family too at risk, if adequate attention is not paid.  More or less, it is all about taking extra care and precautions.

In this article, we explain how you can keep your pets safe from Corona.

How can pets be infected by Corona?

Animals- dogs and cats in particular- have been noticed to not show any Corona symptoms and are being rarely infected. In fact, in many cases, even if they are tested positive of Corona, they were surprisingly not sick. It is indeed a relief.

Lots of pet parents still take their pets outdoors for their walk. While it is a good thing to do, we can understandably expect that they can get Coronavirus on their coats. For example, if someone with corona sneeze around them, or if they come in contact with the virus as they habitually sniff or play around in the shrubs or bushes. Animals lick-clean and scratch themselves all the times, which may make them infected. Further, you and your family probably play amply with your pets, we guess. This would expose you to the virus as well. The reverse can be true too. For instance, if you happen to come in contact with the virus and play with your pets without washing your hands or cleaning yourself, they may get infected.

Now, we know Corona is a family of viruses. While most of the types detected so far aren’t injurious to animals, again, we don’t have enough conclusive knowledge. So, it would be rather thoughtful to avoid the risks altogether, for the sake of your furry pals. Let’s see what you can do to keep them safe.

What are the possible symptoms of Coronavirus in Dogs & Cats?

Researches are still going on in the matter of pets and Coronavirus. By and large, most of the animals with the virus don’t show much symptoms of any sort of sickness. But pay a bit of attention for some signs, noticing which you might want to care more and get your pet for a test.

How can we protect cats and dogs from Corona?

Thankfully for us, Coronavirus isn’t present in animals- which means, with a bit of care and adequate precautions, you can keep your pets safe. The whole section basically revolves around the cleaning routine to follow after the usual pet walk- we cannot emphasize enough on its importance.  Here is what you can do to prevent your pet from carrying the virus on its fur, paws or other parts.

  • Cut the walking area:

It would be ideal to stay around the place. Instead of going much further, you can walk the pet multiple times around your area. Market places would be a big no at this time, of course.

This is something you can use not just during this pandemic, but also on any other day, after your dog is back from walk. Pet foot washers can be helpful especially with pets who are reluctant to wear dog shoes. It is needless to mention all the dirt and germs that comes in contact with the paws of your pets when you them out for a walk. While using the product is pretty easy and convenient, it keeps the dirt from being brought into your home.

An important step to take is to make your dog wear shoes particularly when taking them for a walk. We’d also suggest that you spray the shoes with Dettol and water mix. It won’t be an irritant to the skin of the dog, as we spray on the exterior, of the shoe, which won’t come in contact with the skin. Also, if you make your dog wear shoes within your home too, it is advisable to keep a separate pair of walking shoes that are not brought in. If you’d like to order a pair of walking shoes for your paw-pal, check this out.

Walking shoes


  • Taking care of the pet while outdoors:

Pay attention to the acts of the pet while outside. Don’t let him sniff around so much at risky or much-exposed places- bushes on the road, particularly.

When you are back from the walk, be sure to use the anti-bacterial wipes at the entrance to wipe down the coat and face. This would ensure that even if the pet’s coat has caught the virus. Be thorough with the skin and coat around the mouth since dogs sniff a lot, particularly when outdoors.

Anti-bacterial wipes

While you were out walking the dog, if any part of the leash had touched the ground, spray it. Spray the walking shoes before you keep them aside as well. Collar or harness touching any surface is unlikely coz anyway even when they poop neither of the two will touch any surface.

All that said, don’t worry too much. The chances of a well-cared pet animal getting infected or carrying the virus COVID-19 are quite too low. Particularly low in dogs. As for cats, they don’t have much need for outdoors.

Stay home, stay safe.

Pamper Your Pup with the Right Dental Care Right from the Beginning

Bringing home a new pup comes with a lot of responsibilities. Not only do you have to look after their training, vaccinations, and diet but also their dental health. Oral care is equally important for your furry friend and should be given the proper attention right from the beginning. From brushing to chewing and regular dental check-ups, every small step taken at the right time will help your pup with healthy teeth & gums. Here are some tips to help you take care of their dental health:


  • Regular brushing: It is essential to get your puppy accustomed to brushing from the very beginning. Even when they have no teeth, start with gently rubbing their gums with your fingers. When your puppy’s teeth start to appear, use a soft finger brush or a regular one with toothpaste specially formulated for dogs. Brush their teeth 3-4 times a week to prevent tartar and plaque from building up.


  • Give them chew toys/dental treats: At around 8-12 weeks, your pup will experience their first set of teeth that may cause them discomfort and pain. At this time, it is essential that you pay attention to their comfort by giving them chew toys or dental treats. These chew toys and dental treats not only relieve them from pain but also makes their gums & teeth healthy and strong. And will spare your furniture.
  • Take them for regular dental check-ups: Regular at-home brushing and taking proper care of their oral health will undoubtedly help your pups with their oral hygiene; however, regular dental check-ups are equally important. Take them to a vet at least twice a year for regular check-ups and cleaning.


Get your furry friend on a dental care routine from the very beginning to prevent any hardships later on. Give them timely oral care to keep their sparkling shine always on point.

IAMS Dog Food Review

IAMS vs Royal Canin :

IAMS has tried its best to include the best possible ingredients in that budget. However, it is not super premium food. With price comes the quality. On comparing IAMS  with Royal Canin, Royal Canin, Farmina, Hills or Orijen the super-premium foods always fare better. Obviously the prices are high for these as the ingredients are super-rich and their quality is not compromised. However, IAMS has tried its best to give you good quality food in the budget. IAMS use animal-based proteins with wholesome ingredients. They don’t add artificial colours, preservatives or flavours. If you are looking for super-premium nutrient-packed food for your pets then you can opt for Farmina and Orijen, and if you are looking for good nutrition packed dog food that keeps your wallets happy, then IAMS dog food is the best budget pet food.

IAMS Dog Food :

IAMS dog food offers a wide range of food that includes tailored nutritious food specific to a dog’s age, size and breed. IAMS comprehensively label the ingredients that formulate their recipe in a balanced way which provides complete nutrition. It also contains animal-based protein and they use only quality meats. IAMS is considered as a pocket-friendly food with rich ingredients packed in it.

IAMS Dog Food Review

IAMS Dog Food Ingredients :

IAMS  food is a premium high-quality nutrition-packed food which nourishes your pet, giving it optimum growth. The ingredients list includes chicken meat which delivers sufficient protein which helps the pet in muscle growth. Additionally, a rich lean protein is provided with the corn extracts along with the vitamins that enrich the pet skin coat. With these, IAMS pet food is considered as a good premium food. Most importantly IAMS  strictly excludes soya and artificial preservatives from its ingredients. IAMS is a good dog food which gives the pet strong and lean muscle growth with balanced nutrition. It’s always a good habit to start IAMS pet food from the puppy stage. Changing the brands may affect your pet’s immunity and digestive system.

IAMS puppy food is given to pets under 1 year of age. IAMS  puppy small-medium breed is premium high-quality nutrition food for puppies which ensures the optimum level of health and growth. IAMS proactive health formula has pre-biotics and beetroot pulp which helps the digestive tract to promote a healthy digestive system and strong immunity. It consists of Phosphorus & Calcium that helps strengthen the bones. Crunchy kibble reduces sticky deposit on teeth and it has Vitamin E which promotes natural development. It has a balanced ratio of Omega 6 & Omega 3 fatty acids which helps to improve healthy Skin coat. 

IAMS small breed dog food is having a great vegetable ingredient which gives the best fibre minerals and antioxidants which is very good with the small breed or puppy immunity and skin improvement. IAMS food is a very good option for small breeds and also medium breeds. IAMS puppy small and medium dog food should be habituated from the starting for its meal intake. 

IAMS Puppy Small-Medium Breed

IAMS puppy large breed dog food is given to pets under 1 year. IAMS puppy large breed’s concentrated nutrition proactively nourishes your large breed puppy. It contains natural fish oil, a nutrient vital for optimal brain development. It mainly extracts protein sources from chicken and eggs which helps to build strong and firm muscles. IAMS dog food provides essential nutrients that nourish the heart and minerals that promote strong teeth and bones. It is also rich in antioxidants that develop a strong immune system. Complete and balanced kibble specially designed to maintain the growth and strength, and it also focuses on joint and muscle growth of large breed puppies.

IAMS puppy large breed ingredients contain chicken, fish, whole grains such as corn and sorghum, fruits and vegetables such as carrots, spinach, apples, beetroot pulp and blueberries which satisfy your puppy’s tummy. The majority of protein comes from chicken and chicken by-products and fish which contains 26% of it that will help for the growth of puppies. And it is also formulated with vitamins, minerals and with calcium which is helpful for the proper growth and development. 

IAMS Puppy Large Breed Dog Food

IAMS adult small breed dog food is given above one year. IAMS Adult small-medium breed dog food is made with premium nutrient-rich food for dogs aged above 1 year. IAMS adult small-medium breed food is completely formulated especially for medium size dogs which contain high quality of ingredients and delicious tender, juicy chicken. IAMS food recipe contains a high ratio of animal-based protein which will provide energy to your pet needed to stay active all day long.

It has essential vitamins and minerals that include Omega 3 fatty acids that improve healthy skin coat. To maintain a healthy digestive system they use fibre to encourage the slow (required time) digestion system IAMS adult small breed dog food is a protein-rich food which ensures power growth in muscle and stamina and its crunchy kibbles removes sticky deposits in teeth that helps to maintain dental hygiene. 

IAMS Adult Small Breed Dog Food

IAMS Adult large breed dog food is given above the age of 18 months. This is when they have attained adulthood. Adult Large Breed dogs need a lot of energy through their food to fulfill their requirements. Also required are lots of nutrients and a properly balanced diet which helps to improve their health. IAMS Adult Large Breed dog food mainly contains chicken as their first ingredients and the other ingredients such as whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. It maintains a balanced ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates and this food is perfectly suitable for most of the big adult dogs. The supplement named Glucosamine and Chondroitin is present to support healthy joints. Added L- Carnitine helps to burn calories and promote a healthy metabolism. Crunchy kibbles with STPP helps to reduce tartar build-up.

The main ingredients of IAMS adult large breed dog food are chicken besides that it also has corn, sorghum, barley, beetroot pulp, dried eggs, flaxseed, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, and blueberries. This food is quite rich in flavour which contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants needed for a large breed. According to the dog’s lifestyle and health, it depends upon nutrition ingredients and rich proteins.

IAMS Adult Large Breed Dog Food

IAMS is receiving happy smiles globally, customers are showering their love towards IAMS DOG FOOD. Pet owners see noticeable growth and improved health in their pets. Few of the testimonials are mentioned below:

Austin FC 2022 Mascots of the Match

Since the inaugural season in 2021, Austin FC and Austin Pets Alive! have partnered up to showcase eligible dogs as honorary Austin FC mascots at each regular-season home match.

The first-of-its-kind partnership features APA! dogs through social media outreach and in-venue activations during each match at Q2 Stadium, all in support of Austin’s status as the country’s largest “no-kill” city and the promotion of APA!’s rescue, adoption, foster, and volunteerism efforts through this unique community platform. Last year, all 18 of the honorary mascots were adopted into loving homes, and many more will be adopted this year!

Paddle for Puppies is Back!

Paddle for Puppies is back on May 15th and better than ever! Paddle for Puppies, an annual event presented by Austin Subaru, provides incredible support for our Parvo Puppy ICU Program at Austin Pets Alive!.

Our Parvo Puppy ICU cares for puppies that contract canine parvovirus, a highly contagious and life-threatening virus that increases their risk for euthanasia in certain shelters. In 2021 alone, a record-breaking 963 lives were saved from the Parvo Puppy ICU. That’s 400 more puppies than we saved in 2020 – this program is expanding by the minute!

Cryptocurrency Can Now Be Used to Support Austin Pets Alive!

You asked about crypto, and we answered!

Austin Pets Alive! is at the forefront of innovation in eliminating the killing of companion animals, which is why we’ve added a brand-new tool for fueling our work: cryptocurrency donations! Below are some of the new ways you can support our mission using crypto.


Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are a new technology in the cryptocurrency space that allows for the exchange of digital media. Now, our community is using NFTs to support the animals of APA!.

Letter from Dr. Jefferson: Properties Update

I’m excited to let you know that on February 17, 2022, Austin City Council approved a one-year extension on our Town Lake Animal Center (TLAC) license agreement so that we can continue to negotiate the much longer-term license of 75 years. You may recall that we didn’t want a long extension at first, but we now have a more equitable agreement in place which allows us to serve our mission and the City of Austin at the same time while we go into another year of negotiation.

We are very pleased with this agreement, as it has unrestricted our work for the next 12 months. This means we will be able to help any animal in need and intervene in euthanasia lists, while also committing to our continued partnership with Austin Animal Center and to all the dogs and cats in Austin that need our specialized help. We believe this extension will give us enough time to negotiate the terms of the public-private partnership between APA! and the City of Austin so that it is strong and successful, long into the future.

While continuing to negotiate with the city the terms of the 75-year agreement to build and operate at our TLAC campus, we will have time to find the right spaces to house our pets during the eventual demolition and rebuild of the TLAC facilities as well as to move the part of our operations that will need more space than the future restricted TLAC site can provide. The APA! Board of Directors has been continuing to work hard using their connections to lead the search for potential properties to support our planned expansion throughout Austin.

As part of this property search, we are moving ahead on locating land of our own to house a rehabilitation center for dogs who have experienced trauma and provide sanctuary for dogs and cats. This land will also act as a transport hub for animals who are in imminent danger of death in shelters across Texas so that we can connect these cats and dogs with organizations in other states who don’t have enough adoptable pets in shelters to fill the loving, adoptive homes that are available in the northern region of the country.

Knowing that much of what we do will no longer fit at the future TLAC site, we are also continuing our search for additional facilities in Central Austin for adoptions, clinic, and treatment wards such as parvo and ringworm, as well as exploring properties that would be suitable for foster and clinic services and would make fostering more accessible to all of Austin. Though these centrally-located real estate options are few and far between, we are determined to find the right match for our needs.

We will continue to update you on our progress toward these exciting possibilities, and let you know how you can help join us as we work to build an even brighter future for pets and people. Thank you so much for caring about APA! and being such an important part of this lifesaving journey.

Letter from Dr. Jefferson: Tornado Help

Hi Everyone,

I hope this finds you and yours safe after last night’s scary weather event.

With multiple tornado touchdowns in Central Texas and morning reports today of damage, we wanted to reach out to let you know how we fared and what we’re doing to support response efforts.